Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Prabha’s book Kadambam – a collection of short stories in Tamil was launched at a simple but a well attended function on Saturday, 31st July 2010. The well planned event was executed to perfection. Nearly 100 copies of the book were given away to guests who attended the function. The purpose of this article is to review the impact of the event on Prabha.

Being a shy and reluctant starter, she was not in favour of my publishing the book, saying that there is nothing great about her writing to deserve a book and that I should not waste money in publishing it. But I was determined to bring to light the tremendous talent she has for writing in Tamil and I am happy that I took the right decision, judging by the response Prabha has been receiving post the event.

From Wednesday, three days after the event, our landline has not stopped ringing. A write up in the Hindu Metro Plus on Wednesday and photographic coverage in the weekly Adyar Times have added to the awareness about the book. Those who have read the stories are all praise for the simple and effective style of writing. Her choice of subjects and the messages she has tried to convey through her stories have come for praise!

Many of the readers are able to relate to characters and situations in Prabha’s stories. Needless to say that Prabha’s hidden talent has come as a major surprise to many of her friends, who have known her as a diffident but dedicated worker who will do a good job of whatever is assigned to her!

The immediate effect of all the encomium she is continuing to receive is that Prabha is seriously looking at all the unpublished stories and articles she has written to see if they can be polished a little bit and sent to magazines. Hopefully, she will also start writing again. When that happens, I will consider my mission in publishing the book accomplished.

BREAKING NEWS! As I am typing this article, Prabha informs me that she has written a new story yesterday!

My mission is surely accomplished!

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  1. I love your spirit uncle and aunty! Do keep it up! All the best in your new-found profession......hoping to read both your books soon....

    Priya Desikan