Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Looks can be deceptive


                                                   There can be a lot of difference between what we imagine something or someone  to be and what it actually turns out to be.  

The other day I went to see a travel agent, whose service I have been availing for more than two decades.  Though I have been talking  to him on the phone, listening to his replies to my queries , I had never met him.  He had a friendly and sweet  voice on the phone.   I was very keen to meet him.  One day, on the  pretext  of settling his bill I went to his office, curious to  see the face  behind the lovely  voice.  I had imagined  that the man would be of medium built with a pleasing face and demeanor .

I was surprised to see a  big man with an intimidating handle bar mustache often sported by villains in Cinema.  Though his looks were daunting, he welcomed me with his  familiar, sweet voice.  He was hospitality personified.  I spent a pleasant 15 minutes with him  but returned bemused  at the mismatch between the voice and the looks of the man.

During my morning walks a few years ago, a lady was walking in front of me.  From the rear  she seemed to have a perfect  hour-glass  figure.  Her style of walking was elegant. In my curiosity to fix the face to the body, I walked faster to get ahead of the lady.  When I discretely looked back to see the face, I was disappointed. The face belonged to a middle aged lady in her 40s , not so good looking, wearing thick glasses.  I slowed down and allowed  the lady to overtake me! Curiosity killed the cat

On another occasion I was introduced to a well known RJ (Radio Jockey) with a booming and aggressive voice.  I was his fan and I was sure  that the man behind the voice  would  be tall,  handsome young man.  I was surprised  to meet a  puny, unimpressive man .

There can be also mismatch between looks and the character of people.  I know of a man who married a very good looking girl harboring romantic  dreams of life with a pretty woman.    After marriage he found out that the girl was not only most unromantic but was cold, rude and obnoxious in her behavior with people.  I also know of a girl who preferred a handsome boy among the choice of potential, well qualified grooms, presented to her.  Only to find that the  person behind the handsome face was a dreadful,  abusive and  sadistic person.  She had to get out of the marriage within a couple of years to save herself from a miserable life.

`Look before you leap` is an often used phrase in English. `Don`t judge people only by their  looks` can now be added to the long list of phrases used in the Queen`s language!

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