Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Over - Smart phones

                                 I have at last joined the legion of `smart` people. Yes I am now a ‘not so’ proud owner of a smart phone presented to me by my son. I am yet to get used to it’s `over smart - super fast` response to my hard touch, resulting in many frustrating moments that I face with the phone every day.
A major problem which I face is in keying the name to go with a new number or store a caller`s number. I keyed the name Ashok Dey and after carefully checking the spelling when I tried to store the name it became `A shot Dey`.  Similarly Madhu became ``Madhuri` and Nanayam Kumar became `Narayan Kumar`. Since I have not yet mastered the art of editing/correcting the matter, it is quite frustrating when I have to retrieve the number of a person. My son tells me it is because of the `auto correct` feature of the phone which decides what should be the spelling of whatever name I am typing, irrespective of what I have keyed in! I thought that is stretching the smartness of the phone too far.

Another problem has to do with WhatsApp. As the senior most `don` of the `Matunga Mafia` (as my family WhatsApp group is called) I have very frustrating moments. Since the keypad for typing WhatsApp messages is even smaller than the keypad for keying in caller`s  names, my problem is compounded. It takes a lot of time to compose even a simple message correctly. With the result I often do not respond.
What  `got my goat` recently was a message I saw flashing on my mobile which said that I had already used up  `XXX` MB space in my mobile and that the system was getting hot and slowing down the operation. I was aghast.  I had hardly used the phone  for 10 days and  had not even downloaded any programmes.  How could I have used up so much space?  Is somebody hacking my phone? I got worried. My son solved the problem by deleting a whole lot of Apps,  which I was not likely to use. 

Irritated by the frequent `beeps` I get,  informing me about some message or the other, I keep putting the instrument on silent mode.  Invariably I forget to return to the normal mode resulting in many near and dear ones complaining that I am not picking up the phone when it rings. Forgetting to end a call or inadvertently calling wrong numbers leading to people whom I have called cursing me has also become a regular feature.
With so much frustration piling on me am I planning to give up my smart phone? It looks unlikely.  But I do hope I don’t become a smart phone addict like the younger generation of today.

As a frustrated mother complained the other day` I can never get my daughter on the phone. But whatever message I send her on WhatsApp gets replied instantly`

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