Saturday, January 30, 2016


I think resourcefulness and enterprise go hand in hand. I became a resourceful and enterprising person in life forced by circumstances.

In my growing years in Mumbai, there was no writing table in the house. I had to sit on the floor and do my homework like millions of children in India do even today. How I used to yearn for a proper table and chair those days? The resourceful person in me soon found a way out.

Adjacent to our building was a fruit market where the fruit vendors received their supply of fruits in  wooden  boxes. One day I requested a vendor to give me three discarded pieces of wooden planks with which I could assemble a table. I did it using nails and hammer available in the house.. Then I sat on the only stool in the house in front of the table  and did my home work. I can never forget the joy I experienced then.

There was no question of regular pocket money for children in our family those days! ,Apart from the money I got occasionally from my mother as a reward for helping her in her tailoring assignments, I hit upon an idea  to earn a few extra “Annas” (those days the metric system had not been introduced) .I learnt to make paper bags from old newspapers and selling them  to the fruit vendors. For every 12 bags , I would get 2 Annas.( 20 paise today). I would rush to an ‘Udipi’ restaurant opposite our building for a hot Dosa,  This often led to loud protests from my father, who was  dependent on the money from the sale of “Raddhis” (old papers) for  his month- end expenses. Inspite of being just an average student I believe my resourcefulness and enterprise helped me in building a successful career in advertising .

Among many  stories of resourceful people in India  one enduring  example  is that of Dhirubhai Ambani of the Reliance fame! From being a small trader to becoming the head of a mighty industrial group, Dhirubhai became a legend in his own time. We have several examples of enterprising men who started life by taking baby steps in business, going on to build popular national & regional brands. The brand NIRMA tops the list in my mind

Closer home`Vanga Vanga` department store in Gandhi Nagar was started as a small roadside vegetable shop in Padmanabha Nagar,  by its owner. Now apart from  the department store the gentleman also owns a Fast food outlet and a few other businesses. Adyar has many such examples of enterprising and resourceful people.

Whatever may be your background  if you are resourceful and enterprising and willing to work hard you are bound to realize your dreams - with God`s grace and a little bit of luck!

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