Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Exam Fever

It is exam time. Not only for the kids but also for the parents. Whether the child is in pre-kg or studying for the crucial 10th standard or plus two exam, the parents these days are more tensed up than the kids. Any invitation for any function, the response from the parents, especially the mother is, ‘I am sorry, I can’t come yaar, because my son is having Maths paper tomorrow. I have to sit with him. Otherwise he will not study yaar!’

The parents, the mothers particularly get so tensed up that one feels sorry for them. The more educated the mother, the more tensed up she is!

Mind goes back to the times when my children were growing up! Neither my wife nor I experienced the tensions that the modern day parents display during their children’s exam time. May be because both of us were not capable of teaching our children any subject. I had happily forgotten everything I learnt in the school the day I stepped out of the school. Neither did my wife display any talent nor patience to sit and teach our children.

All that I used to tell my children was, ‘If you study well and get good marks you will do well in life. It is up to you to study or not’.

If they needed special coaching in specific subjects, I sent them to special tuition classes. All my three kids did fairly well in their plus two exams, getting 80 plus percentage marks and pursuing the courses they wanted to study. My two daughters are well settled in life with school going kids and sure enough, as modern mothers exam times are tension times for them too!

I think my generation of parents could handle the exam fever better because our children had far less distractions compared to the modern day kids. While TV was the only possible distraction those days, today the kids have not only TV and the variety of children channels it offers, but also the PC with its internet opportunities, palmtop video games, and of course the ubiquitous Mobile which is turning out to be the biggest culprit. ‘SMSing’ friends 24 hours a day has become a habit with the modern day kids. Even the school going kids are not spared!

I wish the modern day parents did not indulge their children so much. Instead if they teach them to think on their own and make them responsible for their actions, not only the child will develop as a better and confident individual but also relieve the parents of unnecessary tensions caused by the lack of faith in the children.



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