Wednesday, June 9, 2010

morning walks

Morning Walks!

I must thank my friend Desi for introducing me to the morning walk habit. Yes, it has become a part of my life so much so that if I miss walking even for a day I feel miserable – as miserable as when I don’t get my morning coffee or I am unable to get rid of the garbage of the previous day from my stomach!

The morning walks are all the more pleasurable because I get to see the rising sun every morning and breath the fresh air from the sea as I take my daily walks on the beautiful Eliot Beach Road, which is just 10 minute walk from my house. And I go for a walk in my car ! Don’t mistake me, I take the car up to the beach road, park it on the allotted space and then go for a walk !

Another interesting aspect of the morning walks is the sight of people who walk on the beach road. They come in all sizes, shapes and age groups. There are single men and women taking a brisk walk, many of them listening to music from their ipods, while walking. Some of them carry their mobiles and shout as if from the roof tops so that the whole world can listen to their problems with their spouse, children, friends or business contacts. And a few of them walk talking to themselves – later you find that they are operating a hands free mobile, and are actually talking to someone else!

There are a few who believe that they must stop and not only say ‘hi’ to their friends whenever they meet every furlong, but also discuss the day’s politics or the weather ! Thus defeating the very purpose of having a brisk 30 minutes walk every day! I know of a friend who has learnt to tackle such unwanted intruders. If any one stops him on the way to say ‘hi’ he continues to jump or jog on the spot until the conversation is over and then continues with his walk.

During the walks you cannot miss the group of senior citizens both male and female sitting on the parapet walls of the road and having a heated discussion. The women are invariably talking about the problems with their daughters-in-law and men the politics.

What is very funny is the sight of some ladies in outlandish or mis-fitting dresses! Like the other day my wife and I came across an old lady – she must be over 80 wearing a loose fitting jeans and a T Shirt, but with a ‘red’ pottu on her forehead with her hair in plaits like a typical South Indian lady. Obviously she is the mother of some NRI who has got converted from the nine yards saree to jeans and T shirts. Equally funny is a fat old man walking with a quarter (not half) pant with a T Shirt of some U S University gifted to him by his NRI son, with a splash of ‘Vibhoothi’ on his forehead!

Another gentleman has the habit of walking with his left arm firmly in place on the side and the right arm swinging up and down during his really brisk walk.

But the beautiful thing about the morning walk is that nobody really bothers about your dress or your peculiar walking habits. Most of the people walk totally lost in their thoughts, like I do most of the time, that they don’t even notice friends passing by wishing them.

I do feel sorry for those fitness freaks from Adyar who are contented with having their morning walks on the tread mills located at homes or in the nearby club! They are really missing the fun & joy of walking on the Beach Road.

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