Monday, January 17, 2011

Alternate Therapy

My friend Kishore had a serious back problem more than two years ago and had to undergo a major surgery at a five star corporate hospital. A biopsy after the surgery revealed that he was suffering from Multiple Myloma. Doctors obviously wanted to start him on chemotherapy and other related treatment. Having heard that the treatment is worse than the disease, he took a bold decision that he would look at alternative therapies. He was already a believer in naturopathy and his Bangalore based doctor agreed to treat him and promised him that while he may not be able to cure the disease at such an advanced stage he could at least contain the disease from spreading faster and that he could continue to lead a comparatively normal life. Of course, he had to submit himself to strict dietary and herbal medicinal regulations.

I called on Kishore last week. He was as cheerful as he can be under the circumstances. A born optimist he started telling me the virtues of naturopathy and how it is far less expensive and how much less side effects it has as compared to allopathic treatment. He has persuaded a no. of friends and acquaintances who have been suffering from incurable diseases to try naturopathy with good results. More than anything else it is his immense belief in what he is doing is what, I believe, is keeping him going - instead of wallowing in self-pity and making not only his life miserable but also the life of other near and dear ones.

I would like to share my own experiences with alternative therapy. When I was only thirty eight, I was diagnosed of having glaucoma -a dreadful eye disease which can lead to blindness if not treated in time. The eye specialist told me that I will have to live with specific eye drops for the rest of my life and that if the problem aggravates, he will perform a surgery. The drops had exactly the opposite effect as compared to the drops used for dilating your eyes when you go for any eye checkup. The result was that I found it difficult to read or drive my car. I was shattered!

Instead of bottling up, I always talk about my health problems openly, so that someone would refer me to some possible solution.

It was my friend Ananth who mentioned to me about Magneto Therapy which had cured his uncle who had double vision for a number of years. I found out a person in Kilpauk who was a specialist in Magneto Therapy. I underwent the treatment for nine months after which when I went for a check up, to the same eye specialist. He was surprised to find that I was cured of the problem. Ofcourse I had to strictly follow some instructions to prevent the recurrence of the problem- like not to read books- lying down on bed or books with small types etc.

About ten years ago when I was diagnosed of stones in my kidneys and recommended a surgery, I found a solution through a grandma`s remedy. For six months every morning I took banana stem juice. Lo and behold ! When I went for a follow up checkup I found that the stones had vanished. Since then banana stem has become a part of my weekly diet. It is another matter that the mixer-grinder used to make the juice broke down under the stress of churning out the juice every day!

During the peak of my career, in my late twenties and early thirties, I used to suffer from frequent attack of mouth ulcers – sores on the tip of my tongue making it very difficult to talk or eat anything. Every time the allopathic doctor would give me B12 injection and put me on a course of Riboflavin. That used to give me only temporary relief. I got cured of this problem also using another grandma’s remedy. As soon as I get the first signs of a possible attack, I would buy a bundle of ‘Manathakali keerai’ -a variety of spinach and make juice from the leaves in a mixer and take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The very second day I would get relief. I have recommended this treatment to several friends with positive results!

Every time a doctor has recommended an urgent surgery for my other problems like fissures, enlarged prostate etc. I have refused to go under the scalpel and found remedy in alternative therapies. Recently , a long standing stomach condition I was suffering from has been controlled through Ayurveda.

According to a knowledgeable friend of mine , even the bypass surgeries that are performed on patients with two or three blocks are avoidable , especially if they are old and are leading a retired life. Alternative treatment coupled with change in life style can easily contain the problem without expensive operations and treatment..

I don’t know how long I can put off going under the scalpel but I will not give up trying alternative therapies. I believe in the theory –use allopathy for diagnosis but try alternative therapies for treatment. It has always worked for me. So far!

Even if Allopathy, Homeopathy and Naturopathy fail I can always count on Venkatachalapathy- my favourite Lord of the seven hills who has always come to my rescue, everytime I have been in any kind of trouble!

R V Rajan

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