Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Secret of Your Energy

My friend Deskian is known as the Ralph Nader of South India. An activist he has been fighting for the cause of consumerism for the last two and half decades. Couple of years ago he was very seriously ill when even the doctors gave up hope. Almost for over a year he was bedridden. But after a miraculous recovery, he has got back to active consumerism with a vengence. Taking advantage of the chance that the God has given him, in spite of continuing indifferent health, he is working very hard to realise a lot of his unfulfilled dreams as a consumerist. He is 79.

The other day Desikan and I were having a meeting with a Publisher friend, Though enthusiastic,he was visibly ill and the friend remarked, ‘why are you working so hard at this age?’ Desikan replied, ‘it gives me great joy when I am able to help somebody with his/her problems and I am able to make a difference in somebody’s life’.

* * * * * * * * *

Mr. S Muthiah is a veteran journalist and a heritage specialist with a SriLankan background. After working in a printing unit of a wellknown industrial group, he retired and took to writing in a big way, A popular writer, who not only finds time to contribute columns to a few publications regularly but has also over 25 books to his credit. He is also involved in taking up cudgels with the government for his pet project- a Heritage Act for Tamilnadu. He is very active in social circles too-- can be seen with the glass that cheers in many social get-togethers. He is 81.

Right now Mr.Muthiah is busy working on six book projects for different organizations.

* * * * * * * * *

Dr. M S Swaminathan needs no introduction to any Indian. This well-known Agricultural Scientist who was deeply associated with the first green revolution that India witnessed in the sixties, has won every possible award or recognition that anyone can get in this world. I am sure he must be having a couple of rooms in the house, only displaying the hundreds of mementos he has got. He started the world renowned MSSwaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) with the First World Food Prize presented to him in Washington in 1987 after his retirement from Govt. service. He is still actively involved in the running of the Foundation and busy globetrotting making presentations at international gatherings! He is 85.

Recently I went to attend a meeting addressed by Dr. M S Swaminathan. At the appointed time, he walked briskly towards the stage and ran up the steps to occupy his allotted seat. I was amazed at his energy level!

* * * * * * * * *

What is common among the three gentlemen? They all got involved in their pet projects post retirement and are continuing to make news and contributing their mite to the society. They are all very passionate about what they are doing and refusing to retire from active life.

There are a lot of not so famous people who plan their retirement well. Post retirement, they get actively involved in what was their hobby during their working life- could be gardening, cooking, traveling, acting, writing, social service etc. which keeps their mind and body occupied leading to happiness and high energy levels . It is clear that if you are able to identify some activity which gives you tremendous joy, you will automatically get the energy to pursue the cause – irrespective of the status of your physical health.

Among those who are still busy with their careers/business, the one who amazes me with his enormous energy level is my partner Sam Balsara, a frail looking Parsi gentleman, who heads the Rs 3000 crore media communications agency- Madison. He packs his 14 hours a day with so many activities not only covering his business but also those connected with other industry bodies that when a reporter asked him, `Does he ever relax?`- he replied ` My work is my relaxation`.

The moral of the story is that you can always find the secret of your energy in doing whatever you enjoy doing, be it a job or a hobby!

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