Sunday, November 16, 2014

A new recipe from Chef(!) Rajan

Every challenge is an opportunity has been my philosophy in life.  I grabbed one such opportunity to discover  some new recipes  which will appeal to kids and adults alike.

One morning, I was charged with the responsibility of providing breakfast for  my grand children who were staying with us over the weekend.  To my dismay, I found that there were only limited number of bread slices and Adai (Dal Dosa) batter at home.  While wondering how to whip up a breakfast which will be enough for all the kids with the limited resources at my disposal, a light sparked in my brain and an idea for a new recipe was born.

I knew that my grand children liked  masala omlettes and chilly cheese toasts.  I came up with a creative idea of combining the two items and discover a new recipe called “Breadai chilly cheese toast sandwich”.
                             Breadai chilly cheese toast sandwich

Items required:

Slices of bread
Adai Mavu (Readymade `Thayar Adai Batter`  or Annapoorna Ready mix Adai powder  are available in most of the Departmental Stores)
Green Chillies- two  medium size
Grated onion – two medium size
Cooking oil- couple of spoons.
Square shaped cheese slices (Amul or Brittania)
Tomato ketch up

Steps involved:

1.      Add cut green chillies, onion, salt (if necessary) to the Adai batter and mix well,
2.      Take a frying  pan, spread a small portion of the batter in square shape, the size of a bread slice and apply one spoon of oil around the spread. Cook until it is reddish brown.
3.      Take three slices of bread.  Spread a spoon of butter  on  one side of a slice and any other readymade sandwich spread  you may have at home on another slice.
4.      Place the cooked adai piece (which will taste like masala egg omelette ) between the first and the second piece of the  bread slice and the cheese between the second and third slice of bread.
5.      Place the assembled sandwich in a sandwich toaster and heat it for a few minutes.

The delicious Breadai chilly cheese toast sandwich is ready to be served with tomato ketchup! It tastes like  `omlette chilli cheese toast sandwich`

I was delighted when my grandchildren loved my new recipe.  In fact they have started demanding the item, whenever they come home.

I did not stop with one idea.  I applied the same formula to create “Brosa Chilly Cheese Toast Sandwich” (made with Dosa/uthappam  batter) and “Breadly Chilly Cheese Toast Sandwich” (using stuffed idlies)

Now if you want to know the secret of making the last mentioned items , you will have to write to me  with your feedback on the first item and a request for the other two items.

(This article has appeared in the Novemebr,2014 issue of GNC CONNECT, a monthly published by the Gandhi Nagar Club)

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