Sunday, November 2, 2014


The importance of sleep in a human being`s life can never be underestimated.  It is a vital activity – shall we say inactivity -- without which a man can feel miserable.

“I could not sleep the whole night yar!” is a constant refrain of a good friend who is always walking around with red eyes because of lack of sleep.  On the advise of friends he tried to count sheep; silently  chanted  Ram Nam; tried to read a book before going to bed; watched the comedy channel.  Nothing worked!  Finally, on medical advice he has started having a sleeping tablet every night to go to sleep.  Though he gets some sleep, he says he always feels lazy to get up in the morning, feeling heavy  & drowsy.  A bad start for a working day!

I know of a legendary ad man – may his soul RIP –who was a chronic insomniac.  A handsome six footer who was a workaholic -admired and respected by his colleagues - he never slept in the night, throughout his life.  Neither could he sleep during  the day. 
Every morning he would be the first to arrive at the office as fresh  as he could be and start the day by distributing handwritten memos that he had prepared working  at home all  night, addressed to staff members.

Surprisingly he was a very healthy man who lived a king’s life and saw over 1000 moons during his life time!

Unlike one of my bosses who worked in the office during the night to avoid facing his troublesome wife at home, but slept during the day while she was away at work. The weird habit eventually cost him both his wife and the job!

Many others in the world suffer from temporary bouts of insomnia.  Often caused by excessive worry leading to acute stress eventually resulting in sleeplessness.  Constant pain in any part of the body can also deny a person the pleasure of embracing the beauty sleep!  Dishonest or scheming  people who are forever plotting someone`s downfall, cannot sleep!  There are also lovers who don’t get sleep because they are fantasizing about their heartthrobs, the whole night. 

Unlike the adman who led a normal life inspite of being a chronic insomniac, most of the others who suffer from  sleeplessness – temporary or otherwise – are often highly irritable and restless.  Making life miserable for their  near and dear ones!

Many people cannot get sleep in the night if they sleep in the afternoon.  I have no such problem.  On a Sunday, I can have a two hour nap in the afternoon and still go to bed by 10.00 pm- my customary sleeping time.

Even if I have major or minor crisis facing me, all that I have to do is start reading a book before going to sleep!  Within half an hour I would find it difficult to keep my eyes open.  Throughout my life I have found books to be the best sleeping pill I ever needed to  have. 

More than any sleeping pill or other forms of sleeping aids, I feel if you have a clear conscience and lead a healthy life without malice towards any one, embracing sleep whenever you need it, should never be a problem!

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