Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To be an Author

Prabha and I were recently invited to a dinner get-together for a few authors by a journalist friend. ‘Now that you have also become an author by writing your autobiography, I thought I will invite you to this exclusive do’. I must say, I was quite thrilled at my new status in society.

It also warms my heart when I hear somebody tell me, “you know I finished reading your book in one sitting – it was so interesting!” But what is more satisfying is when I hear the comment “It is an inspiring book. I gave it to my friend who is having problems with life. He is now fully charged up and says he will not brood over his problems anymore but find solutions!” Somebody described the book as ‘awesome’ and some one said it is a ‘charming’ book. The other day I visited the Landmark bookshop in Nungambakkam High Road. I found my book prominently displayed at the front of the shop along side the book by Nandan Nilakeni. I promptly captured the picture in my mobile camera for posterity.

For all the kudos I am getting, I have also heard people commenting on my candidness. While one friend asked ‘Rajan, your description of your early life where you are projecting yourself as a deprived person - don’t you think it will affect your present image?’

Another friend was curious “you have described in vivid detail a lot of your personal problems and how you solved them. Did your family have no objections?”

A journalist friend was candid in his opinion – “this is not the way to write an autobiography – you should not have gone into so much of personal details.”

As a person involved in the creative business, I am aware that assessment of any creative effort - be it a story, a painting, a play or anything else is always subjective. What I think as brilliant will be considered by somebody else as rubbish. It is all in the game of creativity! But I am happy that I am getting more favourable response to my book than negative ones! It is also satisfying to note that the book is now beginning to reach beyond my circle of friends and relatives.

On the whole I am happy that an effort I started as a fun activity post retirement, is taking on new meaning and is making some difference to some people’s lives.

R V Rajan
8th July 2010


  1. well said
    It captures real reactions very well

    You should follow this up with more anecdotes on reactions...

  2. My dear varadha,
    My daughter Priya promptly forwarded your mail ( blog?) to me. Perhaps reminding that I should continue with my own biography.I am debating in my mind if I should. There is an offer to by someone to write for the Digest. I am not sure if i should agree. Why boost my ego?

  3. Dear RV Rajan,

    I was the first one to buy your autographed copy on the day you launched the book. I am glad you are following it up with a blog now. I read autobiographies for a hobby. I would have read over 50 of them. The one aspect that stands out in all of them is the authenticity of the author. Is this guy for real is the one question that will ring in my mind as I read it.

    All of us draw upon our value systems to interpret the meaning of life. If candor is one of your greatest virtues, and you have captured the spirit and essence of it in your book, it qualifies to be a great piece of contribution to humanity.

    Could you have asked for more?
    Warmest regards

  4. dear rajan,
    u have chosen appropriate title for ur blog.have known u for so long and never found u at loss for solutions to any problems.i am happy i will be able to visit ur blog and connect with u