Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A tribute to Rtn P. Vijaykumar

I was in Cochin on Saturday 9th July, when I got the news about the demise of Vijay Kumar - after a prolonged fight with the dreaded `C`.  Vijay, a Past President of Rotary Club of Madras South was my good friend  for nearly 40 years. Just two weeks earlier I had spoken to him when he was still in the hospital, where he got admitted for  an emergency procedure. He sounded cheerful as he was being discharged  that evening. I promised to meet him the following week. Before I could keep up my promise, Vijay has left this world. I feel miserable for missing my date with him.
I joined Rotary Club of Madras South in  December, 1977 when Vijay was the Vice President. When he became the President for the year 1978-79 he persuaded many green Rotarians like me  to get involved in the activities of  the Club.  He held  several important positions at the District level  in Rotary before he was selected  to lead an all-women  GSE team to RI districts in USA & Canada . Blessed with a deep resonant voice he was a popular MC at our Club functions and also a Commentator at all the events of the Madras Motor Sports Club- a sport which was dear to his heart. He had won prizes  in several car races.  He was also an avid trekker. A fitness freak he was a regular practitioner of Yoga.  During my year as  the president of our club in 1990-91, I produced an A/V film on Yoga, as a service project of the Club for which he not only modeled,  demonstrating  the different Asanas  but also lent his voice for the commentary portion of the film. My year`s Secretary`s report presented in video format had Vijay lending his voice for the commentary.
A charismatic  leader,  Vijay was a tall , fair & handsome, Madrasi -Punjabi ,  whose parents had migrated  to Chennai in early forties . He did his  engineering degree  from the  Guindy Engineering College  and was running his own company called `Accurate products` manufacturing  automobile components.  He was a very popular boss . ever helpful, known for his compassion and love,  His staff   simply adored him!
 He lost his first wife Santosh, a popular member of the Inner Wheel club of Madras South to a  debilitating skin disease. Vijay was a tremendous support to her  during her protracted illness. After her demise  he married Charan. a truly devoted companion who  was a pillar of strength to Vijay in the last leg of his journey in life. His two sons Arvind & Sumith are well settled in USA.
 Vijay was known as much for his wit & humour as for his feats in business and Rotary.. He always said that his years with Madras South were the best years of his life. He left RCMS in 2005  because of his frequent international travels but remained in constant touch with his friends in Rotary. I am going to miss him and his occasional telephone calls , encouraging me in my writing efforts.
May his soul rest in peace!
Rtn PP  R.V.Rajan
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  1. A nice tribute to a departed soul