Monday, July 4, 2016

K.S Jayaraman-One Man Army in Rotary

      Remember, you are in Rotary because of your vocation` is the advice that Rt. PP. PHF. K.S Jayaraman of RCMS would like to give Green Rotarians, who are aspiring to move up the ladder in the Rotary World. According to him Family, Job ( Vocation) come before service to society. The concept of `Service above self` the motto of Rotary was instilled in him by his father early in life.
A very active Rotarian for over five decades Jayaraman joined Rotary Club of Mettur Dam in 1963  when he was only 27years old.  A senior Rotarian remarked that he was too young to be a Rotarian and that he would not be able to contribute much.  He proved that Rotarian wrong by his performance in the very first year- He was to become a popular Rotarian not only in his own Club but in the whole district. A past President of Rotary Club of Mettur, Jayaraman single handedly helped start new Clubs in Dharmapuri & Hosur. When he was trying to start a Club in Hosur, he would travel 100kms each way every week for almost a year before the Club became a reality. He used any mode of transport available to undertake the long trip  from Mettur to Hosur & back.- a two wheeler, a car , a bus and  on one occasion when he was late  he even hitch hiked on a lorry to get back home. That was  the kind of commitment he brought to whatever task he undertook without expecting any rewards or Awards! He is proud of the fact that over the years the Hosur Club he started has already sponsored four more Clubs in that city. In Chennai, where he moved in 1984 and joined RCMS,  he  has helped start  three new  Clubs.
Jayaraman does not wait for people to request him to take on responsibilities in Rotary. He volunteers his help if a project or an idea appeals to him. When I was the President of RCMS in 1990-91 and the Club decided to conduct a week long Expo and Seminar on Environment titled `RONEX-90` it was Jayaraman,   with his abiding interest in Environment, , who came up with a detailed plan for executing the idea. As active member in the Scout Movement in the city, he even organized a Walkathon by school students to promote environment consciousness among the citizens. Another project, apart from many others,  that earned him a Distinguished Service award from our Club at the Golden jubilee celebrations in 2010, , was the Dana Bergh Zero Energy environment Centre at Anna University sponsored by RCMS.  Though the project was initiated in 1991, it went through lots of ups and downs. While   Presidents of the Club Changed, Vice Chancellors of Anna University changed it was Jayaraman`s relentless pursuit over 18  years which saw the inauguration of the Rs 45 lakh Dana Bergh Hall of Anna University`s  Energy Environment Centre – a joint project of RCMS with Anna University, on May,25., 2009.
Jayaraman has displayed such commitment to any project that he is involved with over the years. In the last few years he is actively involved in promoting rain water harvesting, green Energy, & Solar Power in District 3230.  Many District Governors have found him to be a very helpful Rotarian to have on their  Community Service Committees. No wonder he has got the reputation as a `Single Man Army!`
Airing his views on Rotary in general he feels that the blind emphasis on growth of membership by District Governors, has resulted in the quality of members joining the movement coming down. He believes that there should be no compromise on the procedure laid out by RI regarding the induction of new members. According to him Clubs having 75 members or less will foster better fellowship and friendship.  He appeals to youngsters to get involved in any of the avenues of service in Rotary that appeals to them. `Don`t join Rotary expecting immediate rewards. First get involved, give your time and resources that you can spare to Rotary. Enjoy Rotary. Results and Rewards will follow. The biggest reward that you can get is the satisfaction and happiness you feel when the project that you are involved is successfully completed and appreciated by others.`
Jayaraman will soon be crossing an important milestone in his life- of  having witnessed  1000 Moons in his lifetime. Yes, he will be turning 80 on 17th August,2016. Though he has become old and his health is playing truants, his spirit is still soaring.  The old saying  `that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak` is becoming increasingly true in the case of Jayaraman. He can still be seen dragging  himself, sometimes with difficulty, to attend important Club or District meetings. Let us all pray God that he  bestow on `this awe inspiring , selfless Rotarian` a long and healthy life so that he can continue to motivate &  energise  the new crop of Rotarians joining the movement.

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  1. It is gratifying to note that people like Sri Jayaraman stand an example of service to the society in spite of his old age. Only people like him have contributed to the success of the Rotary Mission in India so far. I agree with him that in any service club, the quality of membership is more important than the numbers. I pray God for his continued good health. (I was with Rotary for about 5 years in my initial banking career, and then shifted to Lions as per bank's suggestion.)